Being a Participant in the Pastimes of the Lord

Date: Apr 03 2014
Location: Madurai
Collection: Needs enhancement
Type of talk: Other

I would like to thank all the devotees who have come on the stage from the safari group. His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, he had said that this was the United Nations of the spiritual world.

Today there are various political divisions throughout the world. But in Krishna consciousness, in the spiritual movement we are all united, because we just want to serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead. We saw beautiful Ramayana story presentation. The Lord comes down and performs his Lila pastimes and the pure devotees get the opportunity to participate in these pastimes. The Lord is known as triyuga. He comes in a declared form in satya, treta and dwapara yuga. He also comes in kaliyuga but there he comes in secret. And the previous kaliyuga he came as Srinivas Govinda Balaji. He didn’t broadcast that he was the Lord. But the residence of the celestial planets, they knew that he was the Lord. So he wanted to marry Padmavati. Padmavati was the Chaya Sita in the Ramayan. And Sita asked Ram if you would please marry the Chaya Sita. But he said that his lila in treat yuga, he was eka patni vrata. He would only have one wife. But he could take her as his wife in Kaliyuga. So she came back as Padmavati in the previous kaliyuga. Balaji, he wanted to marry her but he couldn’t pay the dowry. So he took a loan from the devas. And to this day we are still helping him to pay back.

In the kaliyuga Lord came as Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu and married twice. The first marriage was to the Chaya sita – Laxmi priya and then after a few years she passed away so then he married Visnu Priya. So Laxmi priya was the chaya sita and Visnu Priya was the real sita. Lord Chaitanya showed a special six handed form. Two hands like Lord Ram, two hands like Lord Krishna and two hands like Lord Chaitanya. So just like Ram, he had his pastimes and Lord Krishna had his pastimes. Lord Chaitanya had his pastimes. So the previous acharyas describe, Saba avatara sara siromani kevala ananda kanda….

Amongst all the avatars Lord Chaitanya is the crest jewel. He gave us the process which is simply blissful. The process is chanting Hare Krishna, feasting on Krishna prasadam, studying the transcendental books of the Lord. We are reading how Kulashekar Alwar , he would fall into ecstasy when he was thinking that Sita was being tortured by these rakshasis, he went into trance, he called his army up , Forward!!! We are marching onto Lanka!! We will release Sita now! And Lord Ram had to come himself to tell Kulashekar that the war was over. Sita is free. They didn’t have to go fight Lanka. So even by meditation we can also participate in these pastimes. And although we may not know that Lord Chaitanya was Krishna, we may not know that he was Lord Ram, but he was. And as a result people who are feeling immense transcendental bliss Lord Chaitanya has a very special pastime. He doesn’t discriminate you’re qualified, you’re not qualified. He gives his mercy out to everyone. Who would like the mercy of Lord Chaitanya!!?? So this is the special mercy of Lord Chaitanya all over the world. Simply by chanting Hare Krishna and hearing about his glories and feasting on prasadam , we can achieve spiritual bliss. So it’s late now and I want you all to take Prasad before you leave.

Transcribed by – Nila Radhe Devi Dasi (Avataridesh)