As You See, So does the Deity Remain

Date: Apr 03 2014
Location: Madurai
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140403 Sri Sri Krishna BalaramMandir Madurai - With Tamil Translation.

Here, the temple is inviting the deities of Lakshmi Narasimha from the spiritual world. There are different types of avatars. Krishna has eight types (of avatars) in the Bhagavatam. The eighth type is the arca avatar, which is the worshipable deity.

As you approach the deity, the deity will reciprocate with you. If you think the deity is metal or stone, then the deity will reciprocate like that. If you think the deity is present, then the He will reciprocate that way.

Raghunanda approached his father’s Bala Gopal deities. His father Mukundananda had to leave for some urgent matters. So, he had no time to train his son on the intricacies of deity worship. He told his son that he had to give the deities ladoos, they will eat them and he can take the plates and give back to his mother. So, he gave the deities the plate filled with ladoos, but the deity was not eating so the young boy began to cry.

The deities asked why are you crying? My father said that you would eat the ladoos but you are not eating. So, if I eat the ladoos you will not cry? No. So then the dieties ate the ladoos. Raghunandan he gave the empty plates back to his mother. Mother said where are the ladoos? Oh! the deity ate them. She thought, "Maybe he has eaten the ladoos." So, this was going on everyday. Then the father came back. Mother told the father what was happening. So the father said, "You give him the ladoo plate like you do everyday, I’ll hide in the living room and look from behind. I’ll see what’s happening. So the boy put on ladoos "My dear Gopal, please take these ladoos," and the deity moved for taking the ladoos. The Father peeked out to see what the deity was doing.

"Oh! He saw the deities was eating the ladoos. But when the father gasped ahh! but then he stood still. Then father walked down. He saw the half-eaten ladoo. The deity was holding the ladoo, but half the ladoo plate was empty. Father said, "I have caught you!I have caught you! In your hand, you have a half-eaten ladoo." So, Raghunandan became famous. But he had faith in the arca avatar. He didn't have the idea, "Oh this deity is stone or this deity is metal. He can’t do it ; rather, he had faith in what his father said : the deity would eat the ladoo. So, Krishna had said he would reciprocate. Because Raghunandan had faith, he reciprocated.

So, if you put your faith in the deity , the deity will reciprocate. In Mayapur, we have the Jagannatha deities; they do many pastimes. You can ask H.H. Bhaktipurusottam Swami. He knows many (in backround devotees chant haribol). I’ll just tell one. It happened just a few years ago. You see, in this village, Rajapur, it is surrounded by muslims. So there are devotees, hindus, muslims all kinds of devotees. So it’s not unusual for muslims to come and see the dieties. They bathe the deity and get some boon. They pray. This one muslim came with a big beard and the pujari offered him some prasad. He took the prasad. He said "I do not eat prasadam of idols." He threw it. The pujari said, "What have you done! That it’s offensive. If you do not have faith, then don’t come. So that person walked off. Next day, he came back. He offered his prostrated obesiances. Then he came upto the pujari and asked, "Can I please have some prasadam? The Pujari looked at him and said, "Are you crazy? Yesterday, you threw the prasadam. Now you are bowing down and begging for prasadam. What happened to you? Then the muslim man replied, "Last night last night in my dream, the one with the white face came and grabbed me by my neck and said, "You threw my brother's prasad. I am going to get you." The lady with a yellow face said, 'Get him get him! Get him!' I was shaking and I was saved by the one with the black face with a big smile(in the background clapping &Haribol).He came up and said, 'Let him go, let him go. This is his first offense and it wasn’t so great.' So, the white-faced one let him go. now I believe, I believe, I truly believe I will never ever throw prasadam again(Background devotees chant haribol) Please give me prasad." So, Lord Jagannatha is so merciful that even if you don’t have faith, he gives you mercy.

So, these deities are being invited to come. and by all the devotees. There maybe some system where senior devotees officially invite them, but it’s the desire of all you devotees to serve the Lord that makes the Lord come. How many here want the Lord to come and accept your worship?(Background devotees chant Haribol).Today there are some ceremonies tomorrow you’ll see others. From your heart, you should pray, "O my Lord! Please come! O Energy of the Lord! Please come. ( Guru Maharaja chants Hare Krishna Maha mantra devotees repeat).

Narasimha deity removes all obstacles on the path of devotional service. So, Krishna Balaram, Nitai Gaur are all very merciful. So, please in your heart, pray to the Lord to come and accept your service. So, prepare your consciousness for this request. I’am very greatful to all these devotees for being present. Haribol!

Transcribed by Prasadeshvara Krishna das&PremaPriyaRadhikadevidasi.(Avataridesh)