Mathura and South Mathura

Date: Apr 04 2014
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Mathura and South Mathura

mukam karoti vacalam pangum langhayate girim yat-kripa tam aham vande paramananda-madhavam sri Chaitany isvaram

We would like to thank Gandhari Devi Dasi and her group for their beautiful chanting. Thanks. We are very honored to be here in Madurai. This is also known as the Dakshin Mathura. So naturally this is connected to Lord Krishna. Just as Krishna is connected to Mathura, he is connected to the South Mathura. Those who live here have a great opportunity to render devotional service to Lord Krishna. According to the Vedas, there are good karmas and bad karmas. And if you do good karma you get sense gratification, and a better birth, a better salary, good looks, health, freedom from legal problems, good birth, good education, money– all things materially desirable. These are the results of good karma. Bad karma is just the opposite: bad health, legal problems, money problems, bad looks, bad birth, bad salary and so on.

So now only do people want to get good karma and they don’t want to get bad karma. But somehow we do things that produce bad karma. But even if we get good karma we have to come back to this material world to enjoy it. So it is an entanglement. But if we want to get back to the spiritual world, where there is no death, no birth, no old age, no disease, money is not an issue and we are filled with love, love of Krishna. That was the special thing about Mathura. Everybody loved Krishna. They thought, "O how fortunate the Brajavasis are! They can see Krishna all the time. And when Krishna was in the arena of Kamsa, he was only a sixteen-year-old boy. Balarama, His elder, was one year older. And the fighters were professional fighters : Mushtika, Chanura... the famous, the crushers, the killers.

People objected, "This is not a fair fight. Boo….Booo. …..Booooo."

The young tender boys versus professional hard killers. Because among the people in the arena, so many loved Krishna and it wasn’t fair. Kamsa didn’t care about fair or unfair. He wanted to kill Krishna. But he didn’t know that Krishna is sachidananda vigraha. He can’t be killed by some ordinary wrestlers. He cannot be killed at all. But Krishna and Balarama squared off with the fighters. They played the game and they pulled and pushed– they were fighting. Then, at some point, Krishna got impatient. He picked up the fighter. He spun him around. One down. Then Balarama finished the other one. Then two other fighters came. They thought, "Well, here's our chance." But Krishna and Baalrama finished them off. The other fighters saw this and they went running, saying, "Let’s get out of here. And then Krishna jumped up on Kamsa's dais and Kamsa pulled out his sword even though Krishna was unarmed. So Krishna grabbed him by the hair and pulled him down. Then He punched him to death. And his atma came out of his body and merged in to Krishna’s. And then Krishna dragged Kamsa around like a lion to show people that the tyrant is dead.

He freed Devaki and Vasudev. He freed the father of Kamsa, Ugrasena, who had been locked up. Like this, the brothers of Kamsa came to attack. But Krishna let Baalrama handle them, because it had been predicted that He would kill Kamsa. So he was Krishna’s uncle. The other uncles he let Balram take care, because Balarama was not a relative of them. So like this, the Lord comes down and does his pastime. And this place is known as South Mathura.

So all of you should know minutely the pastimes of Krishna and Balram in Mathura. In this age of Kali, it is specially recommended that we chant the Hare Krishna Mantra. We heard how Gandhari chanted and all the devotees were so inspired and everybody stood up. The Lord and His name are non-different. The Lord and His past times are non-different. The Lord and His qualities are non- different. The Lord and His dham is non-different. So by being absorbed in the Lord’s transcendental attributes, your samadhi, your meditation is complete. So the simple method in Kaliyuga is to chant. Lord Chaitanya spent 6 years in South India, spreading this chanting of the holy names. Devotees now from all over the world are chanting Hare Krishna and feel transcendental bliss. This is the essence of the human form of life - to chant:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/ Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Lord Krishna stayed in Mathura for some years, and then He constructed Dwaraka. And he transferred all residents of Mathura to Dwaraka. So we are very happy to be here in Madurai, the land of Lord Krishna’s past times.Anywhere you can make a transcendental place of the Lords pastimes simply by remembering Krishna’s pastimes and reading them.Lord Chaitanya showed how he was always in separation from Krishna. So similarly we can be in the separation of the Lord. This is beyond good or bad Karma. This is transcendental.

So it is said that by remembering the names of the Lord, one can be freed from the bondage of material life and achieve the spiritual topmost planet. So what do you want–to have good karma? But then it runs out after some time. Again you have to come back. Or do you want spiritual liberation where you are eternally associated with the Lord? So who would like good Karma? Who wants to get the eternal service of Lord Krishna? That’s why this place is South Mathura. Hari Bol! So please read Bhagavad Gita regularly. Read Srimad Bhagavatham regularly. Engage in devotional service and chant the holy names:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/ Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Some render devotional service in the temple. Some renders some sevas to the deities in house, some do Bhakti vriksha groups, preach to people in their house.

Always we should chant the holy names.Thank you very much.

Transcribed by : Anjana, Avataridesh